Professional Membership

Professional Membership

Under our professional membership, you will meet one of our experienced Matchmakers in person to review your profile in detail. They will get to know you, your story, and discuss your preferences, so that they can better match you and tell you more about the matchmaking process.

They will also determine whether you would benefit from any of our other services you may need, such as counseling, a make-over, and dating etiquette and schedule consultation accordingly. Seeing you in person, listening to your story, and learning more about you is a tremendous help in the matchmaking process; it helps us find better matches for you and provides you the opportunity to get to know and become more comfortable with our matchmakers.

We will get to know the real you are and experience your personality and sensibilities. Please plan to spend 1-2 hours with us to go over everything. We will have further meetings to prepare you before dates, as needed, as well as to debrief you afterwards and address any questions or concerns you may have.

We can also assist you in planning and organizing your date(s), at your request. This is our most popular plan combining class and style with affordability and the one that makes the most sense for most people.

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