Ask Helena

Welcome 3MG Lovebirds

Helena is excited to introduce you to the essence of Marry-Me Matchmakers Global aka 3MG, for your viewing and utilizing pleasure!

As a Matchmaker and woman, she is dedicated to finding you the love and happiness you crave as you journey through this thing called LIFE.

Everyone told her not to leave “the noble profession” for this, due to the ‘stigma attached and no respectability’. But her response was NO WAY! This talent for helping people cannot go to waste. She believed they were dead wrong, and the rest is history!

She knows that she can help …. – but can’t do this alone! First, you need to believe in her. Then she needs you to Trust Her with your innermost thoughts and needs …

What got you into matchmaking in the first place?

I always had my head in the clouds regarding LOVE. Ahh, I would just meet that soul mate and live happily ever after. Then LIFE happened. I realized I had no problem on the front end meeting guys in a variety of ways, I had no problem getting a commitment, and had no problem even getting a ring … at least 4 rings and a marriage later… The problem was they did not measure up to my (to coin a phrase used by another) “Man Chart”. Anyway, all algorithms aside, the fundamental issue was not insufficient love, but too much love aka possessiveness. In any event, taking it one step at a time for love birds seeking a mate, you have to find the date first … and this is where I thrive, fall in love and then get the commitment.

My / Her background

It is fair to say Helena has been around the block and back again. With an upbringing stradling 3 continents,

  1. and having resided in bustling cities from London, to New York, Washington D.C. and even as far flung as Honolulu, Hawaii, and
  2. raised with 2 loving families with longevity of love totaling a combined excess of 100 years,
  3. with a Master’s degree from NYU and a bi-lingual millennial child who also holds a Master’s degree and is an empathetic community liaison chaplain between the police force and the public,
  4. with a great capacity to love and nurture step-children, putting their hapiness first resulting in harmonious relationships within the home,
  5. who strives never to burn bridges lose a friend (whether on alternate continent or not)

She is at the helm of this global matchmaking juggernaut. Originally a bicoastal attorney from England, who has practiced an some of the largest and smallest firms, and most recently in family court, as an arbitrator, and U.S. Federal Court Mediator, she has an innate ability to make great matches. What initially started as a labor of love all her life matchmaking her relatives, friends, colleagues and anyone who professed a love for love and wanted to be matched, has now become a highly fruitful business operation, such that fighting for existing families in court has had to take a back seat to creating new families in the world.

Helena is now using all of the expertise that she has accumulated to further this exclusive, discreet matchmaking service for successful, busy, well heeled, well educated, discerning Generation X and Y (millennial) ladies and those who want to love them! As a result, Helena maintains a thriving, living, breathing large and confidential database of just the type of people that her clients are interested in meeting. However, for the VIP clients, Helena assiduously pulls out all the stops to search globally for that needle-in-the-haystack soulmate, in the corporate world, numerous prestigious and exclusive social and networking events, conventions and associations, in the metropolis and traveling around the world.

Do you really believe there is someone for everyone?

I do not believe that there is someone for everyone, at least not a viable relationship, until the person ready, willing and able to love. For instance, is there a suiPlace loving partner for a high achieving doctor who is abusive, or addicted to drugs, or other vices? You would end up with a co-dependent partnership, an enabler or a relationship doomed before it starts.

When you read books like The Secret, and Write It Down, Make It Happen, you will realize that you have to do the soul searching, stripping away all the layers of artificial restrictions mandated by someone else, resentful choices, and most importantly, sacrificing your true wants and needs – then come out the other end with clarity of goals and purpose. You can be searching for a needle in a haystack . . . that’s okay, but you must know it’s a needle you seek . . . not a safety pin, staple, or clip for instance. Then you are ready to find love.

Specifically, 3MG’s mission is matchmaking our hardworking professional elite men and women globally, who require love to a certain discernable standard. What you need is to be ready and open to receive what you want, allow yourself to be put out there, and be willing to try guided by our life, love and makeover coaches where necessary.
Once you have done the work, as Iyanla Vanzant would say, then of course you are off to a flying start.

How do you think the dating landscape has changed in the past ten to twenty years from Baby Boomers to Gen X, Y and Z?

Times are very different from when our parents (Baby Boomers or Octogenarians) were dating and more often than not, it would be automatically assumed that the fairer sex would have children and become a homemaker, sacrificing her career partially or fully for the betterment of the family. Some did it willingly, some did not, but often the result was the same . . . a wonderful woman who has hitched her wagon of/ tied her self-worth to whomever she was caring for and is left desponded and desperate when she loses her career progression, her friends, her self-esteem, her husband would find someone more exciting in the workplace, or she is left devastated by empty nest syndrome.

Many Generation X ladies thus decided against earl marriage and families in order to achieve success and self-fulfillment first; however, the all-consuming and possessive nature of the march upward in corporate America, Europe, Africa, or anywhere else, was underestimated (the world over) , now that drive has crashed squarely into the unforgiving brick wall of the shrinking pool of eligible men with whom they grew up (as many have settled down with others) AND the biological clock. I am here to right those wrongs and still get you the family life you deserve – maybe not as you originally envisaged it all those years ago … but in fact even more fulfilling as this would now be real choices you are making through a prism of maturity and pragmatism. Do you follow so far? In other words, instead of throwing up your hands … and crying into your cornflakes, realize that you can make a conscious choice now to be willing to become a stepmom, foster-mom, adopt, get fertility treatment, WITH the right partner at your side! So … DO SOMETHING. INSTRUCTIVE / PROACTIVE. SIGN UP WITH 3MG TODAY!

In addition, the dating landscape has changed drastically, I think for the better, with the proliferation of online dating websites and apps for busy professionals. Spoilt for choice. Bye-bye sack cloth and ashes / shame and suffering in silence … Hello proactivity and a sense of can-do! I like it all, but it has to be done the right way.

What is the opportune timeframe for people to expect to meet and get married?

There is no cookie-cutter formula for this. Some wait a month, others wait a decade or more, yet there is no reliable correlation for success. It depends on the resolve / bona fides of the couple. What is important is to consider what you need and keep your eye on the prize. Life is not a race but a journey … but if he is not what you need him to be … dump the chump! You can best believe it will be a lot less painful and stressful with 3MG doing all the heavy lifting for you to separate the wheat from the chaff and find your Prince Charming!

Which couples epitomize romance to you?

Well if we’re talking fairytales … I am pretty excited by relationship gold President and Michelle Obama, Megan and the Duke of Sussex, Amal and George Clooney, Beyonce and Jay Z, Serena and Alexis Ohanian, Remy Ma and Papoose, Ciara and Russel Wilson, and long-standing Shakira and Michael Caine. All these couples are independently successful yet profess to be much better together than apart. The husbands spectacularly dote on their wives and put them first, the way it ought to be for a harmonious home, as the wives then champion the whole family’s needs … sometimes before their own, so everybody wins! They are an inspiration to us all as they have overcome personal, social, cultural, and/or blended family issues to be together, and radiate happiness every day.

What is your wish going forward?

End the Marriage Squeeze whereby certain people remain unmarried and childless mainly due to the shortage of suitable mates within their own communities. Furthermore, for women having to choose between a career versus a family being a relic of the past. No longer do I want to see our female luminaries depressed, childless and alone. Be open to new possibilities, the world is your oyster, so spread your wings and get the happiness you deserve. But don’t spend all your life and precious time searching under a bushel for Mr. Right – let us do the heavy lifting for you and in record time! Call us TODAY … Time's A Wastin'!

So, 3MG is officially open for business. 3MG will find you good love and someone able to receive that. We are ready and qualified to serve you on Day One! If you are unhappily single or know someone or people who are, call us today. Help to spread the message of 3MG. Look forward to seeing you soon!