Naija-4-Naija Family Package

Naija-4-Naija Family Package

If you want your search to be more of a family affair, our experts will work with you and your family from start to finish to help select the right type of partner for you. Under the family package, we offer broadly 2 services:

  • EQUAL PARTICIPANTS. Your family will be an equal participant in your search process or even to take the upper hand. We will work with you and your family, together or separately, to select a suitable son or daughter in-law.
  • CONSULTANCY ONLY. We work with you mainly, but consult with your family at important junctures or crossroads. If you are seeking to get to the root cause of any stumbling blocks or what you and your family need, you may choose to consult with our team psychologist and life coach.
Our singles events are priced according to the nature and venue. They are open to all our members as a priority and at a discount. Other tickets will be offered to complementary members of the public. Once the tickets are sold out, we will not be able to admit lovelorn clients to these coveted upscale events. We will offer a few limited admittance vouchers as part of our online promotions. Keep checking our website for upcoming events!

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