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3MG believes our Queens should be open to falling in love with whoever loves, supports and adores you, and we in turn are helping you on that journey by seeking out those deserving discerning men for you. Trust the process!

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3MG is a preeminent matchmaking club, with vast knowledge of human relationships and a healthy dose of intuition. We take the straight-forward approach of listening and asking questions to get to the heart of each person and find your match.

We work hard for our clients and attract successful, affluent, educated singles who are passionate about their lives and wish to be more proactive and discerning when it comes to finding their soulmate.


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Ladies there are wonderful men of ALL races ALL over the world. Open your hearts to love wherever you find it!

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We will put the power of choice back in your hands but broaden your male desirability yardstick and don’t force the stereotypes.


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